>Google Instant search: The unknown fact that some Internet users don’t know


Did you ever here about Google Instant search? you may not. This search tool is used by some Google users but not all. This search is like type to search. For e.g. if you want to search for the keyword “Google” when you on the Instant Search and type “g” it shows the search results for g then if you type “o” then it shows the search results for “go”. You should read more(click read more button below)  to know how to Instant Search

First go to Google it will surely re-direct to http://www.google.co.in or http://www.google.co.uk……..
2.Then click “Go to Google.com” as seen in the screenshot below

3.When you go to Google.com type anything and click “Search” 
4. Look carefully beside the search bar you can see a link called “Instant is off” click on it see below image to find

3.Click on it then you can some options as below click “On (type to search)” that’s it. Now you just type in the search box then you’ll understand what is Instant search

>Gmail faster!! than before


Gmail loads slow and wastes time
-Gmail users

There is a website which saves time and is simple to use it’s very useful for those who want to save time. Doing this is very simple many of the Gmail users don’t know this site If you are a gmail user you have to try this site now!! Making gmail faster is very is easy and works perfect. just follow the below steps

1.Login in your gmail account( while logging please tick on “Remember Me”)
2.Close the tab or window. And come back here

>Hack a website using JavaScript


It’s not an hack effect or Photoshop effect or any Internet tool or Image merger. It’s a real hack but not visible to others. It will be visible to you until you leave the website you hack. Whenever you open the hacked website again the edited items won’t be visible. But try this it’s very very cool and interesting

Do it yourself now!
1.Go to a website you want to edit.
2.javascript: document.body.contentEditable = ‘true’;document.designMode = ‘on’; void 0
copy the above red-colored code.(if you can’t copy please click here)

3.paste the copied code in the address bar of your browser (where you type http://www.google.com and other web pages) and hit enter
4. Now place the cursor where you want to edit and if you want to remove it hit backspace or type some letters  or you can copy and paste images like the above one.
5. If you have done the hack  please post a comment below

This video stands 11th 7th position for the top search “Edit a website using simple javascript” in the famous video sharing website youtube

>Install twitter in Facebook


This twitter tool allows you to share your most recent Twitter updates with your Facebook friends. It can be done very easily.Just follow these steps and your Twitter will be installed to Facebook

1.Go tohttp://twitter.com/about/resources/widgets/facebook
2.Click Install twitter in Facebook 
3.You’re done
4. If you have done this you should comment below

>Webpage Screenshot- Take a screenshot of any website


 Note :Only for Google Chrome
This is a great add-on for webmasters, bloggers etc.. and also useful to you You can take a picture of your Facebook,twitter, Orkut profiles in a single click. You also may have read a post called “Hack a website using JavaScript” that can be done also by this tool by a single click

Top 10 Main Features:
1. Drawing Tools: Line, Ellipse, Rectangle, Arrow
2. Add Text.
3. Fast Crop.
4. Start Edit before image ready.
5. Upload and share: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, MySpace
6. Print: Send directly to printer
7. Save to HD: The only extension that let you save large images to your HD, (not 2MB limit)
8. Capture local files: Can capture "FILE://"
9. Color Picker: Remember the last color you used.
10. Can capture horizontal websites)
Install this widget 

>Unfollow Those Who Don’t Follow You in Twitter

>Just follow these steps to Unfollow Those Who Don’t Follow You
1. Click here to go to the site
2. You’ll see a button called sign in with Twitter click on it.
3. You’re almost done just tick ‘Select all’ then click submit

The one and only disadvantage is when you unfollow someone he’ll get an E-mail that you unfollowed him. so he’ll use this and he’ll unfollow you. 



Zombie Letters from e-zombie.com do your own it’s very interesting and funny.It’s done just in 1 step and doesn’t take much time.

>Tricks for orkut

>Recently I released a blog called Orkut tricks. this blog contains all the latest tricks and tips. All the posts are very interesting and very useful one of  the popular post I’m listing below should be seen and you should share it to your friends. Please promote this on Orkut……..
Orkut custom url (e.g. www.myorkutprofile.blogspot.com)

>Create stunning slideshows in Tripwow


1.Click Create a Trip Slideshow button

2.Choose pictures from your Facebook, pi casa, Flickr or your computer

3.That’s it!

Slide show of mine below

>pho.to online image tools


Free online photo editor – cool enhancement tools & fun effects


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